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30 - NYM_may2019.jpg

“Magic certainly comes to mind when viewing the enchanting new cameos created by the photographers Cindy Sherman and Catherine Opie, who worked with the New York-based collector Liz Swig on a new limited-edition series called “Cameo.”

31 - AD_may2019 copia.jpg

“Liz Swig, Catherine Opie, and Cindy Sherman Create Cameos like you’ve never seen.”

28 - ElleDecore_may2019.jpg

“These new cameos by Cindy Sherman, Catherine Opie, are worth the flight to Venice.”

29 - Wallpaper_may2019.jpg

“Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman make a cameo appearance in Venice”

26 - Town&Country_may2019.jpg

“They are both art and jewellery pieces. They are smart, funny, poignant, everything that you want all rolled up in these perfect miniature worlds,”

25 - Whitewaller_may2019.jpg

“The cameo felt like an art form that was asking to be given a new dialogue and perspective in our present times. Both Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman seemed like the perfect artists to create this new dimension in the world of cameos.”

24 - Vogue_IT_may2019.jpg

“Affidare a due artiste contemporanee, Cindy Sherman e Catherine Opie, un oggetto antichissimo come il cameo: è l’idea che Liz Swig presenta alla Biennale di Venezia.”

23 - Garage_may2019.jpg

“Titled "Cameo," Swig's series of cameos featuring work by Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman will be presented at the Venice Biennale on May 8th.” 

22 - ToryDaily_US_dec2018.jpg

“We’ve all owned one, whether it was a sterling silver version given to you on graduation day or passed down through your family, charm bracelets are timeless.”

21 - ArchDigest_US_may2018.jpg

“World of Liz Swig: No matter the project, this powerbroker always thinks fast – and outside the box.”

20 - Wallpaper_US_dec2017.jpg

“That’s when it hit me’, she says, ‘Oatmeal, done properly, can be a complete experience.”

19 - Wallpaper_UK_feb2017.jpg

“Liz Swig of New York’s LIZWORKS is the architect of unlikely artistic collaborations with beautifully unexpected results.”

18 - Elle_IT_jan2017.jpg

“Una famosa collezionista e una designer di origini italane hanno chiesto ad alcune tra le piu importanti artiste contemporanee di realizzare charms per un bracciale molto speciale.”

17 - Madame_FR_dec2016-jan2017.jpg

“A chaque charm correspond un artiste, créant ainsi un bijoux unique destine à une œuvre caritative.”

16 - Numero_FR_dec2016-jan2017.jpg

“Lorsque sept artistes contemporaines apposent leur vision sur un bracelet commun, cela donne un objet au pouvoir quasi chamanique.”

15 - TelegraphLuxury_UK_dec2016.jpg

“Art world patron Liz Swig has brought together seven female artists to create a bracelet that’s more a work of art than a piece of jewelry.”

14 - Gagosian_US_dec2016.jpg

“Liz Swig, founder of LIZWORKS, has worked with the New York jewelry-maker Ippolita to produce CHARMED, a combination charm bracelet and work of contemporary art.”

13 - Elle_US_dec2016.jpg

“In her latest project, creative matchmaker Liz Swig links the work of seven iconic artists in a bracelet that blurs the line between fine art and jewelry.”

12 - MleMonde_FR_dec2016.jpg

“Il n’est plus inédit pour une marque de luxe de faire appel à des artistes contemporains.”

11 - Vogue_US_dec2016.jpg

“Though traditionally an ornament-laden bracelet can take a lifetime to create, here’s one to get your head (and hands!) wrapped around now.”

10 - Surface_US_dec2016.jpg

“What ever happened to charms? That’s the question that popped into art patron and LIZWORKS founder Liz Swig’s head when she came up with the concept for CHARMED.”

09 - Crash_FR_nov2016.jpg

“Contemporary art often finds inspiration in the world of textiles and jewelry. But in the case of Charmed, a project launched by Liz Swig and the jewelry house Ippolita, this time it is the jewelry that is relying on an artistic impulse and the style of each artist contributing to its creation.”

08 - Mixte_FR_nov2016.jpg

“Disponible en cinquante incroyables exemplaires, les bracelets Charmed réunissent ainsi sept charms signe par sept des plus grandes artistes féminines du moment.”

07 - LOfficiel_FR_nov2016.jpg

“Les breloques sont aussi un moyen exquis d’expression artistique, comme le démontre Liz Swig, une personnalité de premier plan du monde de l’art.”

06 - ES_UK_nov2016.jpg

“LIZWORKS and Ippolita link the work of Laurie Simmons, Shirin Neshat, Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Feinstein, Mickalene Thomas, and Wangechi Mutu.”

05 - WSJ_US_nov2016.jpg

“Charmed and Ready: The Scene at a Jewelry-Themed Fashion Party.”

04 - LesEchos_FR_nov2016.jpg

“Et comme tous mes éditos sont illustrés par un objet en série limitée, j’ai choisi ce bracelet à breloques arty signe de sept grandes dames de l’art contemporain.”

03 - TownCountry_UK_nov2016.jpg

“Liz Swig, the art collector, philanthropist and founder of LIZWORKS, has joined forces with the fine-jewelry designer Ippolita Rostagno to launch a unique project that brings together seven pioneering contemporary female artists.”

02 - IODonna_IT_nov2016.jpg

“Una filantropa, unea designer et sette artiste trasformano segreti e ricordi inciondoli preziosi. Da condividere con altre donne.”


“The Best Art Shows of 2016”